A sincere first date? mostly for GUYS but I appreciate GIRLS thoughts too!

okay so I was wondering what would you guys do for your first date for someone you REALLY REALLY like. if it could be anything within reason what would you do and where will you go?

how will it start?

how will it end?


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  • When I took this one girl I really liked on a date we had lunch at this burger place that's really good and then we just walked around the beach and sat on the pier watching the sunset and talking. We went to this small party afterwards. *sigh* That was probably one of the happiest days of my life. And it was one of the most meaningful dates I've been on.

  • I would start with maybe taking the girl somewhere out in the country or a park and have a picnic with her. I would then just take a walk around and just talk and get to know here a little better. Then later towards evening I'd watch the sunset with her and maybe sit and look at the stars. I would then take her home and give her a kiss before I left her, or a hug if she wasn't comfortable with that on a first date.


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