I'm really losing grip of my life? Anyone else felt like this?

I really feel like I'm losing grip in my life, because of feelings I have for people. I'm a shy guy, I've been called attractive and what not, but its like it drives me nuts to be like Single... I had one chance with this one girl, and I told her I wanted to just be friends.. I started talking to her again, and she acted like nothing happened, we went on a date, cuddled.. then out of the blue (while not even changing the way she acts towards me) she gets a boyfriend... Literally destroys me.

I've survived by flirting with this one girl at work I get along with, even though I never can see us dating.. but just that small thing kind of keeps me going.

I've like completely gone into this depression.. I feel like I've lost complete control of my life, and I feel so sad all the time, like I'm drained. Like I have no purpose at all, I have no where to go.


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  • You're being overly dramatic for no reason. If you feel like you have no purpose, create one.


What Guys Said 1

  • "Manage me, I'm a mess
    Turn a page, I'm a book
    Half unread

    I wanna be laughed at
    Laughed with, just because

    I wanna feel weightless
    And that should be enough

    But I'm stuck in this fucking rut
    Waiting on a second hand pick me up
    And I'm over, getting older

    If I could just find the time
    Then I would never let another day go by
    I'm over, getting old

    Maybe it's not my weekend
    But it's gonna be my year
    And I'm so sick of watching while the minutes pass as I go nowhere
    And this is my reaction
    To everything I fear
    Cause I've been going crazy I don't want to waste another minute here"

    -All Time Low, "Weightless"

    SAME DUDE. Except I never "had one chance", and I've had a major crush on a coworker for a year and a half.


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