I feel hurt because my ex hasn't contacted me. What can I do?

We broke up 2 months ago in very good terms and the only reason that we broke up was because I moved very far away. The first month he was very sweet and he even told me "don't worry about me having a girlfriend, no other girl can be better than you" blah blah blah..

But it has been 1 month and he hasn't contacted me. Not even a hello and we used to talk everyday. I miss him and I feel hurt because we didn't break up in bad terms and I am afraid that he will never talk to me again.


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  • It's the point of the breaking up deal not to talk to each other and move on with your life. I mean it sucks I know but I think you should be grateful that this was a good breakup and try to move on.


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  • Have you tried talking to him? I'd assume you have but if not, that could be a very relevant piece of info. Try sending him something if you haven't already.

    If he just isn't talking to you, in spite of your beat efforts, then I have to agree with the others and say: move on. He has.

    • I did 1 month ago and he was sweet and everything but I do not want to take the initiative again :)

    • If you don't want to take the initiative, then to be perfectly blunt, don't complain about him not wanting to. You seem to be the one who wants the friendship to continue.

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  • You broke up. You're no longer friends

  • he's your ex... move on.. he did... He has another woman.


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