Let's just say that the guy or girl you like got drunk and started to make out. How would you guys feel and would you still chase after them?

Well it happened to me last Friday but she got drunk and started to make out with another guy at a party that our friend invited her and then she invited me. She also knew that I liked her and wanted to take it slow. She came to me by texting me a bit yesterday about how she was sorry and thought I was heart broken and then after a couple of text messages she had to go. I then decided to see how she was and it felt a bit awkward and then she told me she needed space. Which I agreed to and we haven't talked yet.

So this is a two part question.
One: is would you chase after the person still if it happened?
The second one: what do you think of this?


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  • No way dude! Drop that skank right now. She knew you liked her and she let herself get shit faced before making out with some other guy? How trashy is that! Do you think she's gonna change when you two start dating? You gotta see the hand writing on the wall. Get out before you get really hurt. So sorry you had to deal with this.

    • Yeah that is what I think to myself. It is like how do I know you won't do that if we did date. Thank you for the comment. :)

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  • Honestly I wouldn't think too much about it... She knows she made a mistake because she was worried about you and so I think you should still pursue her

    • But how she talked to me was awkward a bit and it still is when I talked to her today. So I will give her space and see what happens next.

    • I think you just act like it never happend

    • Yeah that is hard for me. But we shall see. I will see her tomorrow at school and see what happens.

  • No I wouldn't chase, she had a problem with you wanting to take it slow so she found a guy who'd do the opposite.

    • She also wanted to take it slow.

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    • I know you like her a lot but don't let your feelings for her give her the benefit of the doubt. Being drunk is never a good excuse for doing anything you aren't supposed to do.

    • Ok. I get what you mean.

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