Is she ready to be exclusive or committed?

I've been dating someone for about a month now and things are going pretty well. We've gone on 4 dates and I've gone out to dinner and bar hopping with her and her friends 3 times. We've kissed and I've recently stayed the night at her place where we pretty much did everything short of penetration. I'm just trying to figure out where I should go from here as I'm pretty bad at reading sublte hints. I'm ready for whatever type of relationship she's comfortable with having, but I don't want to scare her away.


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  • Ask her many girls sit around and wait for the guy to say something
    Has she said she really likes you?
    Does she smile heaps
    Reply to your texts really quick
    If YOU want her to be your Girlfriend ASK
    she will give you an answer

  • I hate having to read between the lines lol, personally, I think that to develop those type of feelings for someone, they've usually contributed to it. Sounds like you guys are in a position to move forward romantically, I think you should talk to her about it. Doesn't have to be weird or anything, you could even just ask her out.


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