Should I give him a second chance?

Ok so I met this guy and went on three dates in one week
The first date- we met at a half way point it was going really well we had a good time he paid for everything. he got dropped off so I drove him home. He asked me on a second date then and there

Date two I drove out to his near the water. We had a good date he paid for the lot and said he wants me to be his girlfriend. I said let's take it slow and not put a title on it just yet. And have fun

Date three was more of a make out session

this all happened in a week the morning after date three he told me he thinks we shouldn't see each other so I said ok bye.

2 weeks later he has messaged me asking me to give him a chance and he stuffed up he said I am the type of girl you marry.. And freaked as at our age (28-30) your next relationship could be it, he begged me to give him a second shot. I agreed for coffee saying I'll offer you my friendship (I have not decided if I even like him yet) the whole time he was saying he is sorry and wants to really give it a go and won't freak out. He wanted to see me the next day (which was his birthday) and we were to meet up at a central location but he said he was too tired and feeling a bit sick he wanted me to Drive out to his side of town and I said no he said he understands and there will be lots of time for him to drive to me and make up for being a @$$hole

should i give him a chance


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  • Do you think you could like him? Does he show any potential at all? If not then no you shouldn't

    • There could be.. I was starting to like him after the first few days, sex is amazing. He is like a 6/10 so kinda cute I guess. But ticks a few boxes
      Just not the "drop dead georgous" but looks fade

    • Ok looks are literally nothing.
      He ticks a few boxes?
      Just tell him he can't push you and he needs to take things slow and give him a chance

  • Yes, people make mistakes. But be sure not to make room for third, fourth, fifth, sixth, etc... chances.


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