Match vs OK Cupid?

I am on OK Cupid,

I am thinking about trying Match. Since it is a paid app, I figure girls will be more serious about dating, improving my chances.

I know OK Cupid is a jungle, Girls get way too many messages, and boys struggle to get attention.

I am a pretty average guy, I had a handful of conversations from OK Cupid, one date, from my 6 months of being on there.

Am I too average for online dating? Is Match or other paid sites the way to go? Is POF good?



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  • I met my wife on Match. I agree that the women on Match are more serious because they are paying. However, Match will show you a lot of profiles of women who are no longer paid members. You can send them mail but they won't be able to read it unless they renew their subscription. The won't even be able to see who sent it. So in that regard I think Match is a bit of a scam. I have a friend who met his girlfriend on "Coffee Meets Bagel". If I were you I would try all the free sites. Before joining Match see if there are any women you would like to meet who have been active in the past couple of weeks.

    • Thank you for the heads up about the women who have not paid and can not message back.

      I should try out all the free sites before moving to a paid one.

      I might check out Coffee Meets Bagel.

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  • I think dating sites are a waste of time in general, unless you're extremely attractive.


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  • ... you'll get the same results on Match. You're better off not investing any money, message on a free app; if she happens to reply, then great. If not, don't stress out too much about it. You're better off approaching girls in real life though.

    • Thank you, I wanted to know if the results would be different. I will stick to the free sites for now.

    • Yea listen to this guy, and from my research most women go their to boost their self esteem

    • Haha yeah they both suck

  • I've used both, although I used Match 7 years ago in a suburban area and I used OK Cupid 3.5 years ago in an urban area, so there are likely to be some differences based on the variables. For instance, when I was using Match, the only other popular dating site at the time was eHarmony, so the concentration of people was probably higher. I should also mention that, although I went on several dates with people from both sites, I ended up in long-term relationships with people I met in-person during those time periods.

    I actually found OK Cupid to be the better service of the two. There is a wider variety of people on OK Cupid, in terms of what they're looking for, but I also think the layout helps you get a better sense of the people you're looking at. I was pretty accurately able to gauge the seriousness of women based on the way they answered questions, the number of questions they answered, the things they wrote in their profiles, etc. Match, at least when I used it, was based mostly on what people wrote about themselves, unprompted, and that didn't necessarily tell the whole story.

    I also felt like there was a greater variety in terms of background and interests on OK Cupid. Again, this could have had a lot to do with location, but it seemed like the majority of the women on Match were either teachers or nurses. And that makes a lot of sense—those are two professions where people tend to be on settled career paths, are therefore more stable and less likely to look for flings, have very little possibility of meeting people through their jobs, and work irregular hours that aren't conducive to meeting people through evening activities.

    On Match, I had a lot of good email conversations with women, but very few of them turned into actual dates. That was partially, if not mostly, on me, but also, I think, because people seemed to have less time overall. I ended up dating one girl for a few weeks before she acknowledged she wasn't feeling it (which was fine because I'd started to get involved with my now ex-girlfriend at that point). On OK Cupid, I'd message a few times and then we'd end up going out. Some of the dates were total duds, others led to strings of dates.

    Overall, the people on Match probably were more serious, on average, but that made them more selective about going on actual dates. Personally, I think that OK Cupid was the better of the two, but your mileage may vary.

  • I would never pay for a dating site. You need to work on your profile. Make yourself more interesting and fun and intriguing, get some better pictures that show you looking happy and doing cool stuff, and don't be too desperate or clingy in your messages!

  • POF is worse than OKC. POF is at the end of the spectrum for shitty service, and shitty people. Not only are all the people on POF a fucking self-centered waste of breath (or reducible to enough biodiesel to power NYC for a week), the site is terrible.

  • Your best bet is to just be on all of them. Meeting people in real life is always better though
    You can get some unsuccessful dates from online dating because people aren't always how they say.

    I've had good and bad dates from online dating.
    You often get women who don't reveal to you that they're single mothers until you meet them in person. This has happened to me a few times. You also get strategic photographs. So she looks good in her photos but when you meet her, she's obese.

    You also get age liars. So a woman will say she's like 28 but when you meet her she's really 37.

  • They both suck lol.


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