How do you know if he wants To take things slow and is interested Or just not Really interested?

I have been talking To a Guy for 3 months But ONLY been On 3 dates with him. He is a busy Guy and I, myself a little busy at times. On my 3rd date, I made sure To tell him that I rather him tell me when he wants To hangout and when he coils and he quickly said that he would want to Or else he wouldn't be here. As soon as I was walking out the car, and said, "don't be a stranger" he said he was sorry that he had been busy and when he has time Its rare and random. He warned me he will be real busy, 2months from now with construction. I would not mind taking it slow... we share a lot in common and he seems like a keeper :) just don't know if he is showing the same interest I am.

I would Love sone opinions and comments...

ps. We text almost everyday, he reaches out 80% of the time and we have really long conversations... paragraphs.
The typo is *Could... I want him to tell me when he wants to hang and if he can then he quickly said he does want to or else he wouldn't be there with me.

He shares things about his family and asks about mine and my job... etc.


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  • yes he is interested in you and he like being with you. he want you to understand about his schedule so you dont think he ignoring you. be open and honest with him about what you would like in the future and where you would like the relationship to go in the future.


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  • He doesn't sound that interested. I am only saying so because even when someone is extremely busy, they will always find time to meet with someone they are interested in.


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