I'm confused does he or doesn't he?

Cut a long story short met a guy from a dating site after chatting for a while. We went back to mine and ended up having sex , I wanted it and it was nice. We chatted the day after and he told me he wants someone to have regular sex with nothing serious , I thought fair enough ! I do want more but the sex was good. He keeps calling me on the way to work and texts , nothing sexual just nice chats , I'm confused :/ if he wants sex and only sex why is he texting and calling me all the time? At the moment I'm chatting to other men I'm not clinging to him , he says he can't wait to see me again and when we slept together he likes to please me he wasn't selfish , do you think maybe he is warming up me? Like I've said the texts and calls are nice just chat nothing sexual , can this turn into something more? Or?


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  • It could just be that he's being civil and has manners while still only wanting just sex.

    • We get on so well it's pretty nice and warm between us not cold and wanting sex talk etc do you believe it could lead to something more?

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    • And yet that's what you're giving him yet again.

    • He seems upset about it but I'm glad it's ended

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  • He only wants you for the sex part. Accept it. If he liked you, he would have told you.

    • I had a chat with him and told him I don't want that and I'm looking for someone who wants more , he then told me he likes me and maybe things will turn into more between us , he calls me everyday and text and it's just general chit chat , I like him do you think I should just give it a go and see how things turn out between us !

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