Is it okay for your bf/gf to not call or pick up there phone calls within an entire day? What would you do or say?

Is it okay for your boyfriend not to call or text you within an entire day and I've tried texting and calling me and he's avoiding me. What should I do?


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  • If you're in a relationship, there must be an explanation either before or after the incident, and it must be a good one. Wait for his side of the story, and hopefully he understands your plight.

    • Let's say he doesn't, what do I say or what should I do? I'm just so confused.

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    • So the reason why he ignored was because we had gone out the previous day to a bar, I was tired and I asked him if he can drop me off early so he wouldn't have to do so later when the party was good, he said he wanted to make me mad.

    • At least you know now.

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  • A-OK
    I realize that someone in demand and popular like my catch
    has to MAKE time for me and special events we share by stiffarming others, thus
    when he returns to the real world, he has loads of homework to make up.
    He might even be too exhausted to phone/text me before passing out for the night to do it all over again.
    Thank goodness for guys' little heads that eventually get horny enough to remind them they have a girlfriend

    • Well that's the thing he had enough time to go on Facebook, and anyways I find it hard to believe to shoot a text or make a quick phone call like hey imma be busy.

    • OK, if you really want to "ask for it"
      then get on your horse, ride over there and demand sweetly that he take you to lunch, even as a 3rd wheel if he has business lunch plans.

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  • An entire day, imagine that! ... Just kidding, perhaps he's just busy all day? I've had days at work so busy I don't check anything my girlfriend has sent me, then I've fallen asleep as soon as I've gotten home.

  • I can understand not calling back, but at least a quick text or IM should be sent once a day at the VERY least!


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  • Did you piss him off? That would explain it. He could also be busy..

    • No I didn't do anything, we saw Eachother on Saturday night and I know he goes motorcycle riding on Sunday's, but through out the entire day he never once texted me or anything, but he did have enough time to go on Facebook. What should I say or do? What would you do?

    • I usually confront my boyfriend... best to see what's up with him.

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