When the one who broke your heart reads your mind?

I fell in love with this really funny and emotional guy. He got my hopes up but then broke my heart. I told him to never contact me again. He has now once texted me. And today I was thinking about him 24/7 for no reason, then he called me but when I answered he said nothing at all. So it was either an accidental call or an "accidental call". I am confused. I can't believe he reminds me of himself when he hasn't even apologized... You think I should just move on or try to solve his weird behaviour? I am still in love... :(
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How stupid it may sound, I dont even want to get over him. I have tried so hard for so long to forget him... it just feels pointless when I just can't move on. A few years I have known him and tried to not think about him. It hasn't worked. Maybe I have to live with this then somehow.


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  • Seriously, move on. The short-term pain of a break-up is far preferable to the long-term emotional turmoil of sticking with some on and off relationship. Relationships are NOT supposed to hurt or be confusing like that. Don't go and "break hearts" that's just immature, use this time for personal growth. Learn from your past relationship and recognize aspects of it (and even things that you did in it) that you DON'T want to repeat.

    • Short-term pain? If it only would be short... but it has already been two years of this pain. I know I let him hurt me again by mistake, but it was only because I was still missing him after these two years. And he convinced me that he had grown. I really hope this won't take the rest of my life to get over... This sucks!

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    • You shouldn't date until you're totally over him anyway. Dating shouldn't be used as a tool to get over somebody else. Also, you didn't specify how he went about breaking your heart anyway. Was it something forgivable? Do you have legitimate reasons to feel he's changed? You just really have to be honest with yourself and recognize if/when your emotions are clouding your judgment.

    • He has always been a bit out-of-place, like he does not know what to do with his life. So I thought two years would have made him see what he wants. And he was trying to show he is now ready for a relationship. He said it to me looking me straight in the eyes, and he had just apologized for his earlier behaviour with tears in his eyes. Then a few days after that he decided to call me and lied that he had never said he would be ready to commit. That broke my heart. I just can't beieve he had to make all the effort and then just smash it like that...

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What Guys Said 3

  • its gonna be tough, but try to move on.

  • Vote A, move on.

  • Just ask him if he still likes you already!šŸ˜‹ can't progress to the next step not doing anything

    • He should know that too... :Z

What Girls Said 2

  • Dude... move on. Fuck him.

    All you'll do is think of him now until you forget about him again. when you love someone it's hard to forget them... I should know.

    Block his number
    Block him out of your life...

    • I already kicked him out once before but we bumbed into each other irl. And then he came back. I have deleted him from my contacts, but not blocked. I thought he wouldn't have any reason to contact me anymore.

    • Looks like he does. Close that door.

  • Screw him... If he didn't care and broke your heart once, he'll do it twice. Don't waste your breath on it.


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