Did I screw this one up?

So I met this guy online about a month ago. It was going great and we were exchanging texts almost every day. We talked about meeting, and we finally met 2 days ago. It was a long distance thing. Anyway we met and we hit it off right away, and we were really attracted to each other. He liked everything about me and so did I. The next morning I got a little confused because I recently went through a break up about 3 months ago. I just felt like I had to leave, and he made all these plans he wanted to do with me that day. I told him a lie and said that I had to go home. He didn't like it and said that he felt like I just used him which I didn't. I really do like him and I shouldn't have done that. When I got home they told me that they seen my ex with another girl, and I just felt horrible that day. I regret leaving that day and I just wanted to go back, but it's a 3 hour trip. He didn't text me all that day and the next day I texted him and told him I had a good time. He didn't text back right away but said he also had a good time and told me what I was doing. He said he wish he would be here with me and I told him the same thing. It just seemed like an awkward conversation and he wasn't really texting as much usually we would be texting like crazy. Did I really screw this one up? I regret it so much and I wish I would take it all back and should've spent the whole day with him.


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  • Sounds like you need more time to yourself. You are still not ready to date yet. What your ex does should not bother you. He has a life to live just like you do. Forget your ex and what and who he sees, that is no longer any of your business. Worrying about him will only prevent you from moving on. As for this new guy, yes, you pretty much ruined it. I don't believe in LDR anyway. Too hard to maintain and get going. I would forget this guy too and try to date someone near by.

  • You need to learn how to talk to him, express what your feeling. Running out like you did wasn't the right thing to do and set your relationship back a few steps. Now he is going to be very cautious and will be guarded with what he shares.

    • He texted good morning earlier and we talked a little. He just seems very hesitant with what he's saying now. I feel really bad

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    • He's texting now and he just sent me a pic of himself. Does that mean he's still interested?

    • If he's still talking/texting.. yes he's still interested. It'll just take you showing how much he means/what you want, to get it to move forward again.

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