Guys/Girls If You're Not Interested?

Do you not reply to someone's text messages? This can be for guys and girls...

When a guy texts me and I don't like him, I respond anyway because I don't want the guy to feel bad. Some of my friends think it's mean because I am giving the wrong impression. Do any guys do the same thing? What do you all think?


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  • It all depends on whether I've known the girl for a while, or even if all I want is friendship. If I don't really know her or anything, and I'm not really interested in ever hanging out, I'll blow her off as bad as it sounds. If I've at least known the girl for a little bit of time, I'll just let the conversations die down by giving one word answers. And lastly I'll just tell her straight up that I'm not interested in her in a romantic way and am only interested in being platonic if I've know her for a while and just want to be friends.

    • Okay so say I haven't heard from a guy in a while and I send him a random text- putting myself out there while assuming that he doesn't like me since he hasn't put any effort. Then he'll text me back like twice in a row if I don't respond to something. He'll also agree that we should hang out... but we don't. So obviously he isn't interested, but why would he waste his time responding to me and be so insistent that I respond?

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    • Not to keep going with this convo but I did try to make plans for a certain night and he said that he would get to me after work, which was really late at night and when I texted him he said that he had just gotten off and wasn't sure if he could make it out with me and my friends. Do you think I should just ask him out on a one on one date then or just leave it alone?

      Thanks for your advice by the way! :)

    • Ask him out one more time, either or is fine. After that if he still says he can't make it, I'd say move on.

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  • Well, it's situational.

    - If he's texting you like crazy, it doesn't really matter if you're not responding, he's kind of out of line

    - If he only texts you from time to time, yea it would probably be rude to not respond, I mean just blowing anybody off who wants to talk to you is rude no matter what

    - You're not giving out the wrong impression by simply responding to a text message, that's just decency

    - You would be giving the wrong impression if you flirted back or something just to get the attention

  • Yeah I'm guilty of responding even if I'm not interested.. I don't know if it's an upbringing thing or what, but people's feelings have always mattered a bit too much to me even. Back when I was young there weren't texts or emails but rather phone calls and note passing and I still felt obliged to respond. It's just manners I guess. Some people are completely callused and can be heartless but I guess this just proves some things never change!


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