Ladies and Gents, is she hinting at Prom or just telling me?

I have known this girl for about 6 months, we became close friends and so on. She has been kinda flirty with me, always has, but she also talks about other guys and so forth. I pretty much have always told her I cared, and even asked her out once (I got an "Sorry idk! out atm trying not to use data" as a response though :/). So, asking her out and getting I don't know sounded like rejection to me, which confuses me as to whats next. Well, lately she keeps bringing up prom, talking about needing to find a date, promposals, getting a limo, etc. I don't know if she is just telling me as a friend though. She only comes to me to talk about it though, and I don't know if its a sign or not. she's teasy, jokey, stares at me, gets jealous when I'm around other girls, but then rejected me when I asked her to a movie. Thoughts?


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  • She sounds complicating. I can understand your frustration. The fact that she gets jealous when you are around girls is enough to say that she may have a crush but turning you down for a movie... so contradictory.

    You can maybe joke or throw out the idea of taking her to prom.


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