How to know if you're a lesbian/bi?

I'm 18, never had any luck with guys in fact never had a boyfriend. I've had crushes on guys who have never liked me back or maybe boys haven't had the balls to approach me, anyway I work with this super hot tomboy lesbian and I've been getting some real signals from her (it's still early days) but she's hot as f*ck and I can't stop thinking about her. I don't know if this is a phase because I'm lonely or if I genuinely like her but the more I think about her and the more I speak with her and get to know her the more I lose interest in males. She knows how to flirt with me lol and she's got ashore good sense of humour, I don't know what to do. I feel like I've developed a kind of hatred towards boys because of how none have ever showed me that they wanna be with me yet all my friends are getting boys left right and centre. Also dicks gross me out (but I'm sure they gross most people out) but when I see a dick I scroll past it cos they're ugly


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  • I have actually seen your situation before. Someone I know very, very well (we have been sleeping together for 19 years) didn't have boyfriend in high school or even college. She saw the attention the other girls got, but felt left out. One day, a lesbian seduced her, and she went along with it.

    As it turns out, she is most definitely not a lesbian. She is, however slightly bisexual, in that she does find some women sexually attractive. She has no desire to have a primary relationship with a woman, but she might again go along with being sexually active with one.

    Whether this applies to you or not, only you can decide. If you haven't had a relationship with a guy, then I give it a high chance that this is like you.

    You should know that there is a difference between lesbians and bisexual women. Lesbians put the value on the relationship, bisexual women have their relationship with their man and put the value on the sex with the woman.

    • Thank you. I have been told by lots that I should have a boyfriend by now because I'm attractive apparently, but boys won't make a move and I'm not willing to do it and face rejection. I much prefer people being open about their feelings and showing it, if you're interested or something then show me. This girl I know does and I much rather that that people not acting on feelings. It makes me feel wanted.

    • What you are telling me is that you are probably slightly bisexual, but are more lonely than anything.

      You need to figure out what kind of guy would like a girl like you, then figure out where to find him. Online is a good place to start, but you have to pick the right site.

      Once you do that, your life will blossom.

  • Sounds like your a lesbian or bi but leaning more toward women. Maybe talk to your crushes. But if you feel like that toward a woman it sounds at least bi

  • If dicks gross you out, there's something wrong with you. I'm not saying there's something wrong because you're a lesbian: that part is fine. But there's something wrong with you because pussies don't gross out heterosexual women, and penises don't gross out heterosexual men. People see all of that as something natural, even when it is unappealing sexually.

    • When I say gross out I mean I just don't find the look of it appealing

    • And I don't wanna say I'm a lesbian yet. That's what I'm trying to find out

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