Simple first date topics?

Not that I would get to all the stuff in question form, but bringing up stuff like:
What do you like to do for fun?

Meeting up with her tomorrow night :)


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  • Philosophy, politics, science, music, relationships... You can talk to her about anything.


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  • Do your research. What are her interests on Facebook?

    I have always found that I will know if I am going to sleep with a girl within 15 minutes of meeting. Well, sometimes before we actually meet in person. The conversation is going to be really easy like we have known each other for years or the date will be over within the hour.

    Ask about all those fools running for President. But don't give your opinion unless you agree with her. Keep that in mind for when you get married someday.

    • Cheers. We talked after an event of sorts last week, which is where we met. So we've met in person & I can see myself inside her at some point.

      Thanks for the mention of "like we have known each other for years". I was relieved to talk to her. It was like: finally someone like the girls I used to know in university.

    • I take back the way I said we've met in person. We haven't met in person. We met in person ;)

  • NO!

    Never ask her what she likes to do for fun. Just skip to suggesting something fun to do!

    Don't ask questions like an interrogation, because then it will feel like an interrogation. The only questions that should be asked are her opinion on things, and only as a leading question to start a thread on a more interesting conversation.

    • Re-read the question...
      "Not that I would get to all the stuff in question form"
      What I mean by this is 'Not that I would make it an interrogation'

      The last bit is good though.

    • @Tarvold

      Not much action on this question. Care to share some things that you have gotten opinions about in the past? Interesting conversations?
      Pretty specific to the individual, possibility of it being understandably too personal.

      I've been focused on academics to the extreme for the past three years, soo it would be nice to see what some normal conversations have been made of.

      Also, I do know she has spent a lot of time super focused on (not-so-social) stuff in a similar way, so it's not totally one sided on the blandness, you know? :p

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