Does she like me or just being friendly?

I asked a girl at my job out. She said she was busy. Which she was. She didn't lie. Anyways after I asked her out I've noticed she's more talkative with me. Her mood around me is more upbeat. I sent her a friend request on Facebook. It took a week and she accepted it. Before I asked her out she'd have no issue being alone with me like going out for a quick break while we weren't too busy. But the other day she was out with me for like a minute and she was like let's go back in. We walk together and talk like normal. She asked for a ride home which I said sure. I don't know since being at work it's hard to flirt. Is she interested or just being nice? I saw she was starring at me as well when I was talking with other co workers. And we had a female co worker leave our area, she was like I'm happy she's gone. Looked at me and smiled. The co worker who left was always around me and we'd get put together to work on certain things.
A co worker was telling me that she's warming up to me and two days later she accepts my Facebook friend request. A lot of co workers have told me to keep trying you'll get her


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  • Hard to say. You have to keep talking to her in order to be sure.


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  • Damn almost sounds like me and my crush. But I was pretty persistent and got her to hang out with me three times.


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