I don't think he cares about me or am I being petty?

M y car got broken into. I told the guy I'm dating. We talked this morning. After it happened. I haven't heard from him. All day. She never called to see how I was doing. Or if I have my car fixed. To me ITs like he doesn't care about me. or am I being?
Why is it wrong for me to want a simple how are you doing text.


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  • Contrary to what you might think. Your car being broken into is not such an interesting story. I don't understand why he should be worried about you. You haven't been beaten, your car was broken into...


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  • Eh, it's not like your arm was broken by a masked assailant. There is only so much you can say or do when someone else's car gets broken into.


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  • You're being petty.

    • I don't think so. If perfect strangers show more concern for me than the person im involved with that is a red flag.

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    • Lol, tks.

    • A better question is why do you need the validation? He has a life too. You aren't in danger. Your life hasn't changed much. There's no pressing issue and nothing that can't wait unail the next time you two talk.

  • yeah, you're being really petty


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