I hate married men or men with girlfriends that pretend to be single?

I really do, I usually catch onto them before anything serious happens and these men who lied then tell me they love their wives/girlfriends.
No they don't really, they want a doormat that will wash their pants and cook their dinner while playing about involving some poor unsuspecting person into a drama through lies and deceit. One thing is having an affair with a man that you know is married it's quite another to be lied to by the man into thinking he is single.

I'm just fed up with those type of men.. Why do they do it?


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What Guys Said 2

  • I don't like women that do the same. I have seen women and men do this and both genders do it for the same reasons there is something missing in their relationship. It is wrong, they should be talking to their partner and being honest.

    • They to cowardly that's why they tell lies- they have the cheek to mention they love their partners to- who they trying to convince me or themselves? Sick of it-ot makes me feel bad about me that I only attract losers like that that I'm not worthy to be ANYONES girlfriend., I really want to poke them in the eye

  • Why u no luv uz?


What Girls Said 1

  • gosh im so sorry. it's such a mess...

    they're just horny idiots who can't control themselves, what else is there to say, u know?
    then people wonder why some of us girls have such high standards. ITS SO WE DONT WIND UP WITH FUCKWITS LIKE THAT.

    • They will pull every stunt they can to get sex- jokes on them... beta males, ones to scared To walk away keeping the poor woman trapped in relationship that's doomed using up her best years... pathetic grrrrrr lol

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