Girlfriend Won't add me to facebook?

So my girlfriend won't add me to facebook when I ask her about it, she says that her facebook is "private", and when I bring it up she would make excuses about it or try and change the subject and not reply to the question at all. It seems very suspicious and strange, because I have a vibe as if she is hiding something from me. What do you think?


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  • That is quite suspicious. Even if it is private, why can she not add you? You are her boyfriend, so you should be close enough to her to be on there.

    I saw a similar question to this the other day with the genders swapped. I'm going to basically give you similar advice to what I gave them.

    If you sense something is up. Talk to her about it. Let her know it bugs you that she won't add you. in my opinion it's perfectly understandable to feel this way for not being on her fb.

    Talk to her again and see what she has to say. It might be because she is seeing other guys. But it could also be because she doesn't want her friends to know you yet.

    I'm not sure how long you two have been together. But that could be part of it. Some people are just really private on social media.

    Another reason could be that she has had issues in the past with friends dating or 'stealing' boyfriends. Maybe that's a concern for her as well.

  • sounds like she doesn't want you to be visible to her friends?


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