How to avoid creepy guys following you?

there's a guy at school told me that he likes me, but i rejected him, i told him i don't like him and he's not my type, but he just keep crushing on me and said cheesy things like " i love you like a love song", "you are beautiful" and " i will be your half life". And that just so chessy and creepy. Then i told him that i had a boyfriend, but he wouldn't care and just keep doing creepy things like that. What should i do to get rid of him or at least avoiding him?


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  • Well if he keeps it up you are just going to have to be brutally honest with him and really drill in the point that you dont like him.

    • but what can i say to be brutally honest?

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    • Yea give that a try. Hopefully it will work

    • ok. thanks :)

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  • Dont give him attention at all. Thats what he wants. if he talks to you. Just ignore him like he's a ghost. Eventually he'll get sick of it and leave u to it.

    • i just want to kill him and berry him six feets under

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  • Just let him do what he wants, go on one date and that should satisfy him, you don't have to marry him. How does Friday night sound?

    • he got good grades at school but he ugly, gross, cheesy, creepy and he gave me nightmares. Would u date him if you were me, Seriously, dude !!!

    • He must have done something really bad, forgive and forget, you'll feel better. Right now been living in your head rent free. Lol

  • Hha... he is so like me. But... just tell him to ignore you.


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