2 guys... 2 different feelings for them... Can I see both (until I know for sure?)?

I'm 21. Both of these guys are 21.
Guy 1 I met New Year's Eve. It was supposed to be a one night stand, but then we kept in contact and it turned to a pattern. So we've had sex a few times since then, and we agreed that we would only have sex with each other.. I told him I had gotten feels for him but he said he wasn't in a place to have a girlfriend because it's his sport season & he travels every weekend for it & he practice and has class during the week. We live an hour apart during the week. I'm the first & only girl he has had more than a one night stand with, so it's something.. Yet, I know he doesn't take me seriously and has no idea how to love or treat a woman as a girlfriend. He's in it for the sex; I can't change his mind. But, there is nothing I enjoy more. I have never fallen so fast for a guy, and hard. I'm very very hung up on him. I have never cried nor felt so happy and in adoration for a guy before. When we are together, I never want to leave. It doesn't help that he's beautiful too even if our personalities aren't fully compatible.

then, I met a guy randomly a day ago who lives in my dorm building. We hung out last night, and our personalities just click. we are a perfect match. I've never gotten along so well with a guy before. I can be myself around him & I love his personality. However, there is sexual desire but not as strong as with the other guy. I haven't kissed or anything with this new dude, so I can't say for sure, but I find him less sexually attractive I guess (he doesn't have those full lips and sexy dark eyes and muscular bod like my sex bud).

Its as if I like them both for different reasons and I don't know what to do. I'm seeing the new guy again today. I haven't spoken to my sex bud since Thursday.


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  • Let's see... You want to keep both the guy you only have sex with and won't have anything else besides that? That just sounds like a set up for heart break.

    I would suggest ending your arrangement with him and spending more time with this new guy. Sure, you may not be as sexually attracted to him, but that isn't really a huge factor. There's a lot more to a relationship then just sex.

  • If it were me, I would go for the second guy.

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