I am confuse about his intentions. Should I run?

Hi there! I met a guy online. He gave me his Skype but avoid giving me his phone #.
He ask me out and as he suggested that he wants to have lunch on weekdays and long romantic drive. Can't go on Saturday coz his family would ask questions. We haven't met yet or had any other converstation other than sms on Skype. He talks about his plan of getting married. and says his girlfriend died 3 years ago due of cancer.
should i have a lunch with him or should i run? i asked for his phone # several times but he didn't give?


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  • If he's not willing to give you his #. I would find that suspicious and would take it as he's not interested.

    I would ignore him and wait to see what he does.. if he reaches out.


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  • Wait, what? How long have you actually known him? You don't even know him that well and he's already speaking of marriage? Oh girl, I'd run if I were you.


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