So I have a question people. I have this girl where I've been flirting with for over a month. I've send her some indirect messages, with sarcasm and all that. We went out and we were talking about that, but she said she likes people to be direct with her. SO, I am 60% sure that Im friendzoned. IF I try to kiss her, 2 things can happen. She can kiss back, or lean backwards. INCCASE she leans backwards, should i try again, ask her or what? If she still doesn't want, our friendship will be ruined? I really won't stay just friends with a girl who just rejected my kiss. So, people please give me opinions! about if the firndship will be ruined, and my attitude if its okay or not. thanks!
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What Girls Said 1

  • don't try to kiss her just yet. You need to find out how she feels about you so get one of your friends to get one of her friends to see what she thinks of you and then you can make the right decision. don't tell her without being sure because if she's not into you that will make things awkward and it will weird out your 'friendship'.

    Also friend zone is used when you've taken too long to make a move. we all know it.

    • That would be just impossible.. i mean, i dont even know why we get along if we are not "compatible" my friends and her friends would not get along, trust me. both will think the other one is boring. But, i mean is it easier and just faster? she's not a relationship girl, she says "life is very short" i mean, her ex was a gay child and now she likes rastas. i mean wtf. she doesn't even know what she wants. but all i want is a kiss. if you were her, would you reject a kiss from a maybe not/maybe yes friendzoned? if i just tell her, you know i know if we have a relationship it won't work out but i jjust love the fact that we being so different we get along so well. and leave it there

    • If all you really want is a kiss and you don't know how she will react then be drunk when it happens- that excuse works for everything

      If you want casual sex just ask her upfront if she'd want it- done and dusted.

      But why do you just want a kiss and not more from her? think about that because if you kiss her or have sex with her you might find out that you actually want more from her than you though,

What Guys Said 2

  • What do you actually want from her friendship or relationship? Is a relationship worth ruining a friendship.
    If it were me id pursue a romantic relationship with a girl I liked rather than a friendship and have done in the past and didn't always work out but I wasn't going to spend years being a girl's friend as different boyfriends came and went while I sat on the sidelines praying she'd notice me one day and see what a great guy I am, no i have enough friends.
    My advice is to go big or go home, go for it as life is too short to waste. If she says she only sees you as a friend start slowly distancing yourself from her and make sure any time you do a favour or help her out of a tough spot she does the same for you.

    • Id rather go big or home yeah. But, thing is we are supposedly going to the beach to a concert at the end of march, just us. but i dont want to wait so long for that, id rather go for the kiss today. but isn't satying friends after a failed make out depends on our level of maturity?

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    • So should I go for the kiss?

    • If you value fucking her more than friendship yeah fuck her.

  • What is wrong with people these days. Why do they take text messages more seriously over real life interactions. If she said she likes people to be direct I guess she means that if you have something in your mind, even if it is about her, you should say it straight. Keep your lips off her. You are not even sure if she would accept you. So first talk it out. If you are independent and confident take the tougher decision. But if you are faint hearted just walk away. No shame in saving your sanity by giving up.

    • She told me that in my face, not over text dude. I prefer going in for the kiss rather than asking her " DO YOU LIKE ME" and then being fucking awkward.

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    • Look, technically. You could kiss her and tell her. You will get a kiss no doubt + a YES or a NO.

      the other way is without the kiss. Which one will really work? there is no formula saying which works mostly. You know what, a girls opinion is best on this. Ask as many girls as you can, directly or indirectly. At the same time, describe in short to them what kind of relationship you have with your person of interest.

      Firstly learn what is the general deal, do girls like to be kissed and then proposed, or simply proposed straight. Then see if your girl is the kind of girl who would possibly say yes after being kissed. Also remember, your girl likes you to be straightforward. So factor that in. Lol, i sound like I am teaching math.

    • Thanks dude. U da man. I've never been to this situation before so im kinda like what the fuck is going on..

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