Do I still have any chance of making her my girlfriend?

Hello, I went on a first date with a particular girl that I've been attracted for a while.

I think it has somehow workout. Then during university my behavior around her has changed due to my anxieties issues. Thus, I might have been too needy, and sometimes did ignore her. All of that was because my anxiety kicked in and prevented me of acting normal.

I think that I did messed up here, however I'm really into her that I don't want to lose her.
Usually we text each other, but now it has been for a week and a half that we did not texted each other. I was the one to initiate the last message in order to set a second date which she has declined maybe because I've asked her out on the last minute.
Then, I didn't want to text again unless she does so because I don't want to look too much needy.

Do you think that I can still have a chance with her honestly?

Hoping that you can guide me to overcome this struggle.

Thank you so much for your cooperation
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Today after class, I told her lets grab a coffee at the cafeteria. I bought one because she didn't want to drink anything nor eat. Then we sat somewhere and talk a little until one of her friends come along.

We changed spot, because we were too much exposed to the sun. Then, she was surrounded by her friends. So it did not give me much space. Along the lines I told her that we should so something this Saturday.
I forgot to mention that she made an accident on Tuesday and thus she has something around her neck to support her muscles.

Thus when I told her that we should do something this Saturday. She said "I'll let you know".

She wasn't touchy and did not really do eye contacts.

Is it over?

Thank you for your feedbacks to all of you.


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  • "A" for Always a Possibility but Not seeing it here, dear.
    Try Once again with Pushing a button on your end and see if First she Might just Reply with a "Hi" this time. If not, then move on, she is putting you Rudely and Crudely on her own Pay no mind list and will Not be giving you a Chance for Romance, nor Accept you Unconditionally as Well, I can Tell.
    Struggle would Then be over, Continue to Focus on you and your own issues alone from then on.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thanks for the Like, @Swanny :)) xxoo

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    • @Swanny so welcome, and straight from mine, you are so sweet, her loss if she cannot see it. xxoo

    • Thank you, @Swanny, for the Vote of Confidence.:)) xxoo

Most Helpful Guy

  • we learn through experience. keep trying.


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