Will he call?

I went to a store and was extremely attracted to the employee, he was gorgeous and I've been told that I'm extremely pretty but I'm kind of fat/chubby... my friend gave him my number and he smiled and giggled in a cute little shy boy way. It's been two days since and I'm getting really sad because he hasn't called or texted me yet... do you think he will? guys, how long do you wait till you call a girl?

Please help me, he didn't seem like a player or a man whore... he seemed like a really nice cute guy.


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  • Generally, the rules of the "waiting game" suggest that a man or woman wait about three days before calling so they don't seem too desperate--which is stupid, if you ask me, but that's the way some people operate. Your fella might just be one of them, so give it another day or so to see if he'll give you a ring.

    If he doesn't, don't take it personally; if he's as shy as you say he seems, it's possible he doesn't have the nerve to call up a woman he doesn't know very well, regardless of how attracted he may be to you. And then, of course, he may simply not be interested in dating anyone right now, or perhaps he only dates within his established social circle. You never can tell with these things.

    At any rate, best of luck to you! :)

    • Thank you very much!

    • I agree with squishy. I believe there are many factors that can contribute towards making his decisions, sometimes it's very complicated and if he doesn't call you it could mean many things.

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  • Ok this is the truth.

    Ive been there, and I know friends that are and have been there.

    The thing about the internet is this, if someone says that they are kind of fat, it usually means they are huge. So without getting a picture it would be tough to say if those other people were just being nice.

    The other thing is if he's really hot like you say he is, he might have a lot of women that are trying to get him, but only maybe. Many women don't approach men, they just don't, even the way you are going about it is typically rare, even for the best looking guys in the world.

    Which means that if you are typically attractive he will call.

    If you are not he probably wont.

    The only way for sure to tell you, yes or no, is if you provided a picture. That's the world you women live in.

    You do have a chance if he is a desperate man who hasn't been on a date in like forever, but the problem with this is that once a hotter girl comes around he's going to be super tempted to leave and probably will.

    So right now it stems on how attractive you are, later on its determined on how fun you are as a person.

    So since he doesn't know you, it all depends on your looks and whether or not he's desperate enough to go out with anyone.

    • How do I give you a picture?

  • So I guess we have extremes of both sides. It varies based on some factors. When I flirt during the everyday setting, I won't make a big deal out of, and rarely ask for a phone number because it was just flirting. If the girl just gives me her number without me asking, I might call after 2 days, or if I was really interested in her, I might text her a little bit after meeting her. I usually do that one after meeting someone at a club or party.

    Now in your case, I'm assuming you didn't even talk to him yourself prior to your friend giving him your number. It might just be me, but I usually that way too childish and and it speaks a lot about a person in negative ways. And I don't feel that I can take a person seriously if they don't try to talk to me themselves.


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  • Think about it from the other end. What if you were the receiver of the phone number. If you like the person how long would you wait? If he hasn't called/texted by now then odds are he's not going to.

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