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I asked out a girl I'm into. She said she was going out with friends. Which she did and we talked about it after. Since I've asked her out she's been way more interactive with me. We tease each other. She's kept things I've given her. Like candy I bought and gave to her. She still has it. When we are alone doing something she's seems ok but when we are alone not doing anything it seems like she's I don't know ancy. Like we were standing outside for no more then two minutes and she was like let's go back in. When we are doing something she's talkative, but when we're are sitting alone she's really quiet. I had someone tell me your growing on her. Then two days after I was told that she accept my Facebook friend request. I've liked a few of her posts, but I can't see to bring myself to talk to her. I feel like I'd just be bothering her. I don't know if she even likes me. Does she have some interest and should I message her?


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  • Maybe she gets bored easily? I don't know.
    Anyway, message her but not too much. If you think she is not being very responsive to your texts, then stop.


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