Girls, Okay, girls. Just looking for honesty, please?

Do you prefer;

  • A: Being treated like a queen; Placed on a pedestal.
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  • B: Being normal, boring and drawn out, for more in depth conversations.
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  • C: Seeing how far it can go on the initial spark.
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  • D: Always behind a wall, playing games, waiting for us to mess up.
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What Girls Said 2

  • A man who puts me as his #1. If he does that, he gets treated like a queen.

    • Like a king**

      HAHAHA, worst typo yet!

    • Lol, yeah that was a good typo aha. That's me, though. Do you think approaching with that kind of attitude is good, though?

    • He shouldn't do that from the beginning, because he and I need to get to know one another.

      After maybe 1-2 months [with me] yes he should. It shows me he sincerely likes and is putting in effort to make it work; that is the best way to win me.

  • your options suck.

    • I'm more than interested in what you think you fall under, if its not listed here.