Hanging out?

what do you do when you just hang out with a guy?

watch a movie, or what?


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  • Haha definitely been there before, only on the guy's side. Its hard thinking about things people can do together because 1, you don't know if they are into some things or not and 2, when you think about it, there really aren't always that many options especially if the weather is on your side.

    Movies are always fun.

    Ask him if he wants to hang out with you at your house (if you parents permit of course) or with a few of your friends somewhere else.

    Ask him if you can come over.

    Get lunch somewhere.


    Go to the park (if you still have a little kid inside of you XD)

    Go to the mall

    Those are about all I can think of, but when you guys get to know each other better, maybe a concert or play (if he's into it).

    Like I said its hard to think of things girls and guys would both enjoy but he's probably just interested in being with you so he won't mind ;)



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  • It can be so many different things but you HAVE to be comfortable with him. You cannot have a good time if you make it awkward or can't talk. The biggest test for how comfortable you are around each other would be him coming to your house, because then you're stuck doing everyday things like TV, food, computer, blah.Definitely make your hang-outs interesting. If you want to get sparks going and have something to talk about later, or something he'll be thinking about later, then go laser tagging or have a cool theme to a date. Like go to a restaurant and see who can get the most people to smile at you or something. Anything physical or competitive.

  • I'd suggest doing something that'll allow you to talk and get to know each other better (assuming you haven't hung out much before). For example, going for a walk or to the park, eating lunch, playing a game (video or otherwise) in which you have a mutual interest... et cetera. Good luck :)

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