What can I do to show affection to a very independant woman?

I am starting to develop feelings for a very independant woman. Which seems to be my type. I want to show her on a regular basis that I care about her and that she means a lot to me. The only problem is she is very independant, for her, seeing each other for 2 hours a week is plenty and she doesn't appreciate getting endless, messages from me or me wanting to have deep conversations over text.

I want her to be a part of my life, and I want to show her this, I don't want to suffocate her though, but I would love to spend like 5 hour dates just talking maybe 2-3 times a week. Leading into finding ways to spend more time together than apart (is what I figure the point of a healthy relationship is).

I don't know how to convey this to her, and I want her to want to do this for me. (Especially when it is just starting). I don't know what the solution is.


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  • I think you need to start off slow, and then work your way to spending more time together. Hopefully she will be able to open herself up to you and give you the attention you need


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  • Dude, you can't control how she reacts. If she only wants to see you for two hours a week, then thats all you get.

    • I am not trying to control how she acts but I think it is important that both peoples needs are met. I don't believe that the woman should be put on a pedestal either...

    • Then tell her. Be direct though. Hey babe, i like you and i want to see you me than two hours per week.

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