Does She Like Me? What Should I Do?

Well, this girl (who is my friend) has started to show me some peculiar behaviour over the past couple of weeks.
Recently, she has been laughing at everything I say when we talk alone and has been paying more attention to me than other people. Whenever we sit together she rests her legs against mine or her feet under mine. She smiles when around me and she seems to be interested in the things I say. She teases me (in a good way) and sometimes compliments me.
Other times, usually when we're with the all of our friends, she'll tease me more but she doesn't seem to pay as much attention to me. Plus, she can sometimes seem to be angry/annoyed with me even if I didn't do anything (only in front our friends). But she still puts her legs against mine and feet under mine. Every time she does this, she doesn't move away and she seems to move towards me.
Overall since she's started behaving in this manner, she's started talking to me more and has started talking about me to others. She also speculates how she's seen me online on certain apps, and how I'm on them for a long time.
The reason I'm asking this question is she seems to give me mixed signals, and I don't know what to do.
Thanks for your help๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜„


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  • Based on your description, yes that girl has a thing for you.


What Guys Said 2

  • Mix signals kills... furthermore a girl kissing you and telling strait up is much more conclusive dont you agree? Be that as it may, she is comfortable with you, as you presented that evidently... it is now up to you, to pull up your big boy pants, be the male teen you are, and tell her how you feel... do you like her? I assume you do... Tell her this " Caprice listen, I enjoy hanging with you are very cool, are you free for dinner?" If she says yes with just you and her, take her out and after a great evening without words hug her and lean in to kiss her... if she kisses you back well you know your golden, if she ask what your doing, say, "This cologne I'm wearing guaranteed me a kiss from a beautiful girl, well guess I have to get my money back," ... or skip all of that and say I like you more than just friends, and pause looking strait in her eyes with a smile and see what she says.. in other words your young go for her with no regrets, cause if you don't get her... another shall take her place... boom that just happened my friend Wisenguber out!!!

  • She probably likes you.
    I really dunno what else to say.


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