How come I get marriage purposal from guys that are JUST acquaintances and freinds?

They don't directly say "Marry me" but along the lines. They say "I liked you since the very first time I have seen you. I see you as my life partner. Or I want to spend my life with you... I know you will be a very great mother... The man you marry will be very lucky. .."

GUYS! is it because they know I am religious?


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  • "You know when a song comes on and you just gotta dance?"

    It is very rare, but for a few times in our life, we get to see some people that we can see right away that they are the most compassionate people on earth, that they have a kindness associated with them, and you could never see yourself hurting or getting hurt by them. You just know "I'd be dumb if I didn't marry that girl", so they just do, because sometimes we are just sure about it: it just happens.

    You probably have one of those angel looks that makes someone think "she could be the mother of my children", or "That's the face I wanna wake up everyday". Don't read this in the wrong way, it means that you're special to them.

    I actually can't find the words to describe the feeling and what I said is nothing compared to what I'm actually thinking, but I hope you get the idea.

    • Maybe I can't describe, because it's something that I just can't quite put my finger on, you know? It's just... surreal

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  • What's your problem exactly? All those guys claim that they like you and you have an issue with that? :p


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