Have you ever wanted to end a date due to boredom even if your date was cute?

You ever had dates where even if she/he was cute, you just wanted to end them because they were super boring. Meaning they'd give one word replies and there'd be lots of awkward silences or the conversation is just mostly small talk?

I've had a few of those and halfway throughout the date, I'd think "why am I on a date with this person?"

This is why I've gotten more selective but not picky with who I go on dates with, especially on dating sites. If there's no real chemistry then there's no reason to go forward.

Having said that, having a little bit of attraction is just as important as having some things in common and stuff to talk about.


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  • No, because I was never bored on any dates I've ever been on so far. If it happens hypothetically in the future, I still wouldn't bail. If the guy was just nervous or something, I would give him another chance. But if there just isn't any chemistry after that, I'd thank him for his time but explain I'm just not feeling it.

    • Well I wouldn't bail necessarily. I'd just politely say I'm tired or ready to go if it was like that for awhile.

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    • yeah i mean, it's one thing if the person is shy at first then opens up. But if they are CONSTANTLY like that, and never do anything to add to the conversation then it kinda puts pressure on me and makes the conversation feel forced. Who wants that?

      I mean imagine if you had a friend where every time you hung out with them, you were curious about what to say all the time before seeing them.

    • Yeah, I agree. When it's too one sided, it's not fun. If they seem completely disinterested, then I thank them for the offer and leave. But if it's nervousness and shyness, that is understandable. I know it can take time to open up, and that is totally different than being on the phone the whole date, or something where the person is ignoring the other.

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  • I guess if the date was boring , the natural reaction would be to want to end that date and find something else to do. I would agree being cute wouldn't be enough to maintain the date if she wasn't even interesting

    • Yeah, there's just been times where the girl has been super quiet and gives one word replies and acted like it was my fault for it being boring. What a bunch of bullshit.

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  • No, because I don't have dates like that.
    I only ever ask somebody out if there is obvious mutual chemistry in the first place.
    Never understood this trend of going out on dates with people I barely know.

    • Well it's not that I barely know them. Sometimes people are talkative through text and quiet when you meet them and vice versa. You can never tell.

  • Give me a hell ya!!!

  • Yep, it happens.

  • Yeah, a few times. Sometimes you find a bad apple.

  • Yes, when they've been shy as hell.

    Which is why I dislike shy girls now

    • The tough part about shy girls, is you can't tell if they're shy or they're uninterested and want you to leave them alone.

    • Well, they (ok, at least one) seem to be really forward in sending signals when their female friends are around them... but when the shy girl is alone, she doesn't send out any signals.

      For most guys it's probably very puzzling - but I took it as she was just a very shy girl; hence why I decided to approach her in front of her female friends (now; I'm a very shy guy as well and had to sum up a lot of courage to approach her), but boy was it hard to get a sentence out of her mouth. She was looking down at the table they were sat at and smiling like crazy... but I still felt like I was bothering her and that she was not interested.

      So never again.

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