She said she is done but she is still texting me. WTF does she want?

We broke up but we are dating again, we are not exclusive just dating. I told her she can date other guys as I don't want a relationship now. She asked if I'm with anyone I told her no.

Last week her friend saw me on dating site and told her. I said I'm just chatting there and I haven't dated anyone.

She said she is done and wish me well. Today she sent me a text just to say happy birthday. The conversation extended to something non committal and her respond time is slow. Then she is hinting she might need help with something..

What is she trying to accomplish here? use me?


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  • She is hoping to remain / rebuild whatever connection you had, I feel bad for her.


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  • She is reaching out to you, to see if you are wiling to see her.


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  • She still has hope. Crush it.

    • Seriously she caught me cheating.. and still...

    • Well sometimes we know we deserve me, but we still don't want what we deserve, we are content with what we have.

    • I pretty much only kept dating her because I was too used to having her around. Also I haven't had anyone yet. Now I know I don't want relationship. All I want is fling here and there. She still can't understand this is what I want..

  • Wow man you are an adult grown man why u need such answers here.

    • wow your answer is great, we should post it on all questions

    • Lol haha

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