Stressing out about how to ask this girl out?

I'm working on a group project with some people in one of my classes. I think this girl in the group likes me. She is always excited around me and giggling at every joke I make.

I sent them all a text a couple days ago inviting them to a party, and she replied saying she wanted to go but couldn't make it. Then she texted me some more and was being flirty.

We are on spring break and it would be easiest for me to just wait and ask her out in person, but I have lots of free time and I want to ask her now.

I was thinking I could be casual and text her asking her to lunch or hang out, or maybe more forward and ask her to dinner or to do something Friday night?

I don't date much so I'm not sure what to do.


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  • I like the casual idea. I think it's better to be more casual over text and actually ask her out in person. One thing I really hate about breaks from school is if I like a guy, I have at least a week without seeing or hearing about him. If you both have free time over break, it makes sense to meet up. Plus then you won't be bored and wondering about her all week long.


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  • I remember meeting people in similar groups when I was in college , I'm not sure if its a good place to look for dates or not. it depends if you think she is interested or not. it also might be more of a friends thing , mean she might just see you as a friend she talks to at school. I definity wouldn't ask her out to dinner yet but lunch together when your both at school might be a good option to test her interest

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