So I like my step brother? Is that okay and does he like me back?

My mom just recently got married last year. I live in the same house as my step brother and he is only 2 years older than me. I am bff's with my step sister(his real sister) she keeps telling me that he likes me, because he acts differently around me. that was just over the summer. Now he acts like his normal self, as I'm told. But we always lock eyes and crack jokes for each other. He even is careful enough to sit by me, and single me out in a conversation. Is it okay if we date? or will it ruin it for me/him in the future?


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  • Biologically or morally, there's no problem at all.

    The big problem is you're living together, under close surveillance from your parents, which might make things awkward.

    And did you try to imagine how it would be to live in the same apartment as your ex when it's over?

    • Oh yesh I have thought this over and over. what is funny is that our parents are worried about leaving us home alone together. lol yes it would be sooooo awkward, but what if my x is my friend. if it doesn't workout we can always be just stepbrother and sister right? that's what I'm thinking about.

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    • Lol of course! but lets say that we make-out today, we don't have to tell the parents. he is going to move out soon anywho. so why not experiment? it maybe will only be awkward durring family reunions, which is like 1 week in the year. dirty little secret I guess then?

    • I guess that within a week or two they'll know or guess what's happening.

  • I don't see any problems with it...


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