How to not feel hurt/stupid when a guy loses interest in you?

I understand that means we weren't a good match. But I feel so stupid being the one left with feelings. (and it has not been the other way around for me).
I just feel stupid when I initiate the conversation and realize I'm the only one doing the work.

So I move on but just because I am a girl, does not mean I have a plethora of options. Or alternatives or backups.
any advice or perspectives on how to keep optimistic will be great. I am still in my (late) 20's but I feel hermit hood would be so much peaceful.


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  • I'm in the same boat, but this time the tables are turned. She has proven to be emotionally unreliable and undisciplined, something I desperately need in a woman. This weekend may define the end of this saga.

    Being a hermit is safe, and you actually do benefit greatly by discovering your core values through introspection. People that float around and socialize a lot seem to lack an element of self awareness that would otherwise make them complete, wholesome individuals.

    I was a hermit before meeting this girl, and there was peace. My inner potential was harnessed, unfettered by emotional volleys. Success was on the horizon, then she showed up and turned out the lights.

    Don't be afraid of being alone, because you become stronger internally. The level of focus you achieve can't be done in any other circumstance but solitude.

    The benefits are so much so that I wish I never met this girl. Seriously. That's something you should be excited about, to be unburdened from this distracting muppet.


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  • We've all been there.

    You survived without him before and you can/will do it again. [That's what I do]. Just go back to my normal routine and focus on me.


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  • Write out why things didn't work and read them several times and accept the fact maybe you two are stilll friends.. ^w^/)

  • Or has he lost interest, he may think your mad at him, therefore cut off contact. Sometimes miscommunication is all there is

    • Oh if only. If only. There is always miscommunication but in my case, he is not interested. There are scenarios that fit your description so def. good to consider.

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