GAGers, pet peeves?

Any pet peeves you have?
People chewing loudly
Obnoxious people
people who poke you


Most Helpful Guy

  • SO MANY.

    >How the entrance to my driveway is an inch higher than the road surface and my car scrapes on it every morning
    >Ditto the entrance to my garage
    >Honda fanboys
    >'Why aren't your wheels on straight?'
    >People who think suits aren't cool
    >The guy outside Dollar Tree who always needs a buck for his bus fare
    >My job
    >When cops pull you over for no reason because they have a petty vendetta against me
    >Freeway driving
    >People who don't have their shit together
    >Anyone in a lifted truck
    >The black dude at the gym who juices so much he's beginning to look like a knobbly dogshit
    >The cost of tires
    >The sound fingers make on polystyrene
    >Any music that involves a dude rhyming nigga with nigga
    >People at school who literally know me only as 'Miata guy' and refuse to learn or remember my real name
    >Fox News
    >Girls who don't like being submissive
    >Anyone who thinks my car is 'gay', 'rice' or 'shit'
    >People who don't like coffee
    >People who are snobbish about what coffee they like
    >People who can't spell
    >Male virgins over the age of 18
    >That one dick who sits in a lecture with huge cans on his head blasting symphonic death metal at such a volume that I can almost make out what the Norwegian vocalist is saying
    >People who claim to vape but only have starter kits
    >Anyone who thinks a rattle can is an acceptable thing to paint a car with
    >Donked out cars
    >BMW drivers (inb4 you dailyed a Bimmer for 3 months)
    >People who think Trump is a serious candidate

    The list goes on and on and on and on and on, but I'm bored so this is enough. :P


Most Helpful Girl

  • So many... But these type of people i seem to come across a lot. Those people who slurp their drinks obnoxiously and go AHHH. It's so annoying i could knock the drink right out of their hand.
    take care :)


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What Guys Said 16

  • 1. People that don't take responsibility for their actions in life and use pathetic cop outs or blame other people around them.

    2. Rude and crude people.

    3. People that think the world revolves around them.

    4. People that litter, spit in public and cigarette smokers that litter their butts gosh smokers that do that are selifsh, rude and disgusting.

  • 1. telemarketers (take them away to. . . some place)
    2. people who leave their kids or pets locked in a car with the windows up in the hot summer weather (they deserve to be locked up with telemarketers)
    3. people who text on their phones during a movie in a movie theater (confiscate their phones)

  • Don't really have much pet peeves because I don't like to think badly of other people, but one I noticed today is that people who don't pick up after themselves (mainly garbage). At my college, people still leave shit on the lounge's tables when there's garbage and recycling labeled bins right beside the exit... I had to throw away someone rocket-sized water bottle, a dirty coffee cup and a large pack of gum... 😑

  • When you wanna microwave something , and 30 seconds is too cold and 1 minute is too hot and it goes up only in intervals of 30 seconds

  • when people lick their fingers or suck on them after eating, when someone texts back a one work reply, the use of "bae", slow drivers, when I always have to text or call first, people complaining about the other sex. there's a lot but that's a few of the biggest ones.

  • When people continue to text after the conversation has died and there's nothing else interesting to talk about

  • people who use exceptions to start an argument. they miss the whole point and act like retards out of context

  • Being interrupted when I am doing something important or trying to focus on something.

    Texting or otherwise acting like you don't care or not giving me your attention when I am trying to have a conversation with you, as it is quite rude.

    Not really a pet peeve but it both annoys and concerns me when I see people acting like sheep and following the trends, fads and overall doing things without questions or research especially when it comes to things like voting.

    When people go outside like in public in businesses or stores wearing nothing but pajamas's or wearing pajama bottoms instead of pants, I mean were you are you so lazy that you couldn't put on clean clothes or pants for the day?

    Anyway those are a few of them.

  • I hate it when people stare at me

  • People looking over my shoulder when I want to be left alone.

  • mine are:

    loud people
    super hyper people
    girls who wear shoes with no socks

  • hey just wnna take a second but can you rate me? am I pretty? am I a 10 ? :P

    • The banana man? Yeah I would give you a 10.. I love bananas

    • Yes ! :D

      but yeah those questions are my pet peeve, mostly the lack of confidance in themseves :)

    • Ohhhh, hahaha I thought you were asking me to rate you. LMAO!!! Thats awkward
      by the way, thanks for your comment

      Best wishes

  • Dont be racist
    Dam do i hate racists

  • dumb people

  • Women on the internet claiming to be saintly and virginal, we all know you're hos.
    People chewing loudly.


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What Girls Said 7

  • I hate when people call me while I'm texting them.
    I hate when people ask me questions that I feel are dumb.
    I hate when I'm late and people nag me like it's the end of the world.
    I hate when people share negative opinions about my relationship with me.
    I hate when people feel the need to talk shit about my favorite music artist just to try to piss me off.
    I hate when people try to tell me how to spend my money.
    I hate when I cook and people take 5 minutes to get to the kitchen.

  • Nail files - I really dislike the sound.
    People who touch my face and back
    Slurping - It makes me cringe
    People spitting on the ground - yuck!
    Gum - I just really hate it. The smell is the worst!

  • This is a gag only pet peeve: when people repeat their questions a million times.

    So for example, they write the question title, then repeat that question 2-5 times in the description box. That is so unnecessary!

  • I don't have too many pet peeves, but one of them is teens who will continue to do something, when an adult tells them to stop. Come on, your freaking over 13 years old and you still act like a 6 year old.

  • Slow people... like those who take ages to understand a simple concept or do a simple thing
    And poking is horrible, why would anyone do that? >:(

  • People that drive too slow, lineups, stupid people, whiners, people standing too close to me in my bubble, people that grind their teeth.

  • Arrogant people really annoy me.


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