Way to change her mind/feelings?

I called a girl that I have a crush for on Monday. I asked her when she was free for me to take her to dinner. She said she couldn't do this week, and next week we have spring break. So I said when we get back, she said yes. A few hours after that she texted me saying that she doesn't want to step in any toes and she is not looking for anything serious right now. But she defiantly wants to hang out and she did t know what I meant by asking her. So my question is could she change her mind my going out and hanging out more and by us also snapchatting and texting?


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  • You can't make her change her mind. Odds are that she only sees you as a friend.


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  • This sounds suspiciously like one of those, I just wanna be friends things.

    • But she flirts with me and it seems like she likes me. We have slept on the same couch a few times. To me it seems she wouldn't do that unless she likes me or felt comfortable around me. She best friend also told me to tell her how I felt and ask her out. So they must have talked about me before it seems if she told me to do that.

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