Someone please help me?

Ok - so, there's this guy that I'm friends with from another school, I would even consider us good friends. We usually will talk for a couple of days non stop, but then he'll just randomly not text me for a couple of days after that, and repeat. When we talk, we can literally talk about anything or nothing and it just feels so right. He only has a phone that works under wifi so he replies quite slowly sometimes. And when I see him in person I just feel this crazy chemistry and spark between us. We are just friends though which is confusing. We have been friends for about a year. He tells me about his family, baseball, the relationships that didn't workout, his friends, just life man. His replies are mostly short, but usually get his point across, you know. He flirts very sparingly, like maybe a couple times every few months. I just can't seem to figure him out... I need help. I'm lost. Does anyone know what he's thinking? What are we? Why does he do that with the texting? Help!!


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  • It seems like to me your friends. The way you guys text seemd like your in a relationship. But that would also have to include hanging out in person and spending time with him. My advice is even though you like him and the chemistry and connection is right dont tell him that you like him let him make that move first. I say that because if he didn't feel strongly for you as you do for him then things may start getting very weird and very awkward. You don't want the friendship to get ruin.


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  • Maybe you should spend more time with him in order to be able to tell if his intentions are friendly or more than that.

    • We go to different schools. I've hung out with him at group events and sporting events a little bit but that's all

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