If he is busy why keep contacting me?

So I've been dating a guy but he is busy most of the time, I hardly see him. Why does he give long texts and reply quick when he is available but doesn't ask me out when it seems he has little time right then and there when he texts? We talk about everything... family, work, hobbies... etc. The texts are long paragraphs. He is honest and tells me his schedule and why he is busy. But is he taking it slow, stringing me along just because or what could it be? I'd appreciate your opinions, thank you.


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  • Well, he might be genuinely busy but the good thing is at least he replies to you quickly and you both can talk about anything, so these are good signs. Just give it some time and see.

    • Should I let him reach out To me Or should I check in Here and there?

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  • The man is bisy! Jesus... he'll make time for you when he can I'm sure.

    • I Guess It's a, "have patience Or move On" kind of thing?

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  • Maybe he is uncertain about you. He doesn't truly know if he wants to date you or not.

    • What would you suggest I do? Show him I'm interested Or leave it up To him? I reach out To him Here and there and he replies within a minute Or two with long paragraphs But doesn't ask me out often.

    • I think you should leave it up to him. Stop responding to him for a while.

    • He normally texts...75% of the time... so just don't respond? It's Hard when We have each other for snapchat.

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