Guy really likes me but doesn't know what he wants because he's been cheated on before, should I give him a chance?

So I've been seeing/dating this guy for nearly 2 months now everything is great we are really good friends and obviously both fancy each other, slept with each other etc. He has taken me on dates and we have really got to know each other, he cares about me and wants to make sure I'm okay. I asked yesterday where he thinks this is going just out of curious it's because I thought I'd rather know now then find out months down the line that were not on the same wavelength. His previous relationship ended badly as he was cheated on while he was engaged so he said he will find it hard to commit straight away. This was nearly two years ago. So when I asked him he said he doesn't know right now but would like to keep seeing me, he said he does like me and gets on with me and said he isn't stringing me along but can't decide right now. What are your thoughts? Should I give him more time to decide or should I not waste my time? Like I said I know we both really like each other but I don't want to wait around if he's unsure right now.


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  • You have to know what's best for you, not for him. If you like him enough, give him a chance. But if you believe that you're wasting time then just don't. You could just set a specific amount of time in your head that you could wait. If you have to wait more than that, then leave.

    • Thanks for your advice, I've spoke to him on the phone and he has said he still really likes me and had feelings for me but just doesn't really no what he wants, we've said we'd keep seeing each other but not as intense for a month or so, but a part of me thinks he's doesn't want to because he doesn't want to hurt me if he's not interested

    • Well then the final decision is up to you.

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  • Honestly, I don't think you should bother. He doesn't sound ready to be with you.