Does he like me as a girlfriend or a friend?

So I asked out this guy twice and he came up with excuses so I told him I just wanna be friends then on his birthday I asked him what he wants for his birthday and he told me but since I was grounded I couldn't go out and get it so I put half of the money in his locker so I txted him and told him that I'll give him the rest on the field trip we both went on so there was a lot of papers in my pocket and I had $5 and $10 the $10 were supposed to be for him but I accidentally gave him the $5 so then I found out and I txted him and he said "tbh I got $5" and he also said this"I can't lie to someone like u" I didn't get that part tho so I put the $10 in his locker and after he found it he txted me he said thanks and he said he wanted to give me my $5 back by hand so I said yes but I got confused cause when I asked him along time ago if we could talk around his friends he said no but now all of a sudden he does I don't know if he did that because we're friends and nothing else or because he likes me


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  • Why are you giving him money for a gift? It doesn't really seem like you are close friends. but anyway... I don't think he is interested in you.


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