Guys, How long does it take you to try again after you lose a good thing?

Maybe you cheated of the girl of your dreams and got caught, maybe you were curious of what else is out there and realised its not what you expected.. Whatever the reason may be, how long does it take you to try again and salvage it?
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What Guys Said 2

  • you mean, run back to an ex?
    see, the trick is to not get caught. but in the instance where you make it known that you are leaving your relationship... many people don't let you come back or make you work hard for it. I've lost 3. all different scenarios... so i guess it depends. and thats IF i want to come back.

  • If a guy cheated on a girl or wanted to try out others, she's clearly not the girl of his dreams lol. There's a good chance he wants nothing more to do with her, ever.


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