Are we compatible or not?

We have been dating for a few months, but lately I have been thinking about our relationship. There are many differences between us.
Different interests and hobbies, different experiences - I've traveled a lot, he has never- different lifestyles: he wakes up very late and sleeps very late, while I don't. This last point is particularly annoying, because he always expects me to be energetic late in the evening and hang out ..

He is nice and he cares about me, but I don't know.
Should we end it?


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  • You'll have to decide whether these differences is something you could see yourself live with in the long term or not. If not then best leave him, but if his other qualities overshadow these few differences then don't give up to easily.


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  • I mean... if its starting to irk you now, what do you think will happen in the future? can you stick with that forever?
    I mean, if one of you isn't willing to change up... you just might not be compatible.
    also... one thing i noticed... you used the word "expect"... thats never good. if for anything, i'd say thats one reason to leave. expectations are Jealousy times at least 3.


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