Will I die alone because I am too picky?

I have had just one boyfriend but we broke up because i moved too far away, we had a lot of chemistry and since that I've tried to date again but i just can't.
I have been in a lot of dates and i find myself at the middle of the date feeling uncomfortable and bad so i never go on a second date with anyone. I don't want to fake attraction for anyone but is like i can't seem to have chemistry with anyone.

And is worse when they guy is insistent because that makes me loss even more attraction to them.


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What Guys Said 2

  • Yup, you are gonna die alone.
    you set too high a standard, are inflexible, and from your second paragraph, seem to have commitment issues. you seem to be gauging new guys according to your ONE boyfriend's standard.
    relax, open up, and let someone else show you a good time, for all you know... it might be better than the first one.

  • open girls are very nice to a guy. but "very open" , yes.. then a guy will think she is not good for him


What Girls Said 1

  • Stop being overly dramatic, you won't die alone. You will eventually find someone you actually like and if it doesn't happen then that's fine. You still won't be alone. You will always have other people around you who care about you.


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