So your ex reactivates his dating profile a month after he broke up with you.
He was constantly logging in every second for a couple months.
Someone sends him an email telling him that the site is a scam and the the profiles on that site are fake.
He deletes his dating profile/
He hasn't updates Fb or instagram for a full year...
he only has 2 followers on instagram and follows 3 girls. Im no snob who judges popularity by stupid social media... but 2 followers?
whats it mean if a guy isn't active for a full year.. doesn't talk or anything. just shut down.
He is very emotional, sensitive, stubborn in nature. He broke up with me because he thinks I dont trust him when he said he will commit/marry me.


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  • He probably doesn't use it a whole lot becauwe he has yet to get into it. The only social media sites I use are Facebook, Pinterest, and this site. This site I like to keep anonymity. Facebook I use to keep in touch with people I went to high school with, family, and friends. The only site I really use is Pinterest. Three years ago, I had maybe fifty followers. Now I have a little over 600.

    • he USED to be active though. Thats the thing.

    • Well when I first got a Twitter, I really tried to like it. But I started using it less and less until I deactivated it. He probably just wanted to try it out but is getting bored. You can always check the dates of things he posted.

    • Thanks for mho

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  • it means he doesn't use instagram and facebook a lot

  • this simply means he's looking for someone else. nothing special

    • well, good luck. He isn't attracting much.

  • He's your EX... why do you even care? I'm sure he has moved on by now.. you should too.

    • That wasn't eth question. I tend not to ask because iditos like this! stay on topic!!!
      stop putting ur 2 cents in! whether i moved on or didn't is not the question! the question is clear as crystal! either answer it or get off! if a teacher asks a question to a student, the student doesn't go "well thats easy, why am i here"?
      have some respect for posters

    • Gee... I understand why he dumped you... wow...

    • actually i dumped him first. Your pitiful attempt to try to "upset" me isn't working. I replace men like panties. My inbox is full of replacements
      have several seats you 50 yr old ancient coot!
      what are u even doing here? with ur geriatric dumbazz

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