Girls, guys who arnt physically their age have no chance with girls their age?

if a guy is physically not his age meaning a late developer or looks really young for his age.


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  • I've never minded a baby faced guy. If I am attracted someone in every way, who cares if he looks a little younger.
    That probably means he won't age terribly when he does reach those ages where changes start to occur.

    • unfortunately my age group are well too immature to look at it like that.

    • I was your age group not long ago , and I never cared.
      This comes down to a person themselves not their age

  • he still has a chance.

  • But you have the brain though?

    • that's that supposed to mean

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    • yes I suppose so I know I am I'm talking physically.

    • If you don't have the body, but you do have the mind. You can still be very attractive

      What use is a muscled, manly man who's as dumb as bricks?

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