Should I just give up on the whole dating game every girl I have liked or asked out has rejected me?

I am not ugly nor hot just an average guy every damn girl I have liked not always hotties ever have rejected me. I feel like I will just be single forever and having already missed out on so called young love what I'm a doing wrong I can't be the worst guy thats ever lived ffs.


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  • Coz, all you care about is looks. That's what it is!

    • far from the truth I go for personality it's the girls who go for looks I'm afraid I'm old school not lile 21st century girls

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    • yes personality

    • HA! 🤓

What Guys Said 1

  • have you tried to figure out what went wrong? sometimes you have to figure out where things went a miss to figure out how to change your approach for better results. there is always ways to improve your dating game if your willing to make some changes


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