Girls, How do you know if you're special to a girl?

She may talk to other guys, but how do you know if you're the guy she really likes over the rest?

I may be special to a girl but if she's talking to other guys, well... thats when I dont know if im just one of many or the main man so to speak?


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  • First of all you need to find out if she talks to any other guys for fact. Then just ask her.

    • I mean through the usual channels. Like on here for example. I may chat to a girl a lot, get on well, discuss personal things, but she's also following lots of other guys. So how do I know if I'm just one of many or that special person she follows? Just using that as an example.

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    • Thank you for MH hun😊

    • My pleasure

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  • She will give you and show you respect.

    • Thats hard to spot clues for a guy lol

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